About Us

Designing small business web sites for UK and US customers since 2003

Web DesignRJH Media Designs is a small business which was established in 2003, starting as a hobby but now grown into a small professional web design firm with the aim of providing a quality service at an affordable price.

I soon realised that there was a wide gap in the market for affordable web design. Prices quoted by larger companies are grossly over priced giving the impression that they haven't got the time of day for many small business's who only want a small site to give them a presence on the world wide web.

Since starting, I haven't even had the time to prepare my own web site. Well here we are at long last.

All my work is done purely on recommendation building up a small portfolio ranging from hobby sites to a renowned American artist. 

My unique perspective of being in a small business situation myself for many years means that I not only understand the business owners development ideas, but also what the customer wishes to see when they view their web site. This perspective is something that many new web designers lack - they tend to concentrate on producing something which demonstrates their design skills, rather than promoting the actual product or service itself.

Ultimately, whether your business succeeds online or not will depend on the desirability of your product, but rest assured I'll do my best to make sure it has every chance - without breaking the bank!

Why not contact me today to see how I could help you develop an online business.