BusinessThe small business owner needs to be careful with cash flow, whilst at the same time giving their internet business every chance of success - which is why we offer quality at an affordable price!

Quality without compromise - others charge many times as much for the same service!

Our Basic Fixed Price: £300

In other words, all you need for a fast, professional site for your small to medium sized business at just £300

Bearing in mind the quality of our work, that really is 'cheap web design'!

Our sites are always designed with the customer in mind - ease of use and speed are paramount to a successful site. Our sites load fast and have clear navigation, as well as being compatible with various screen sizes - no ugly and hard to read side-scrolling!

Order a site from us in confidence - we're not happy until you are !

Which is why you'll pay a deposit of less than 25% and the balance ONLY when you're completely satisfied with the end result!

A quality web site at a cheap price !

Initial Design 
Once you've supplied me with the text and photos you want to use plus perhaps a rough idea of how the site should look, I'll get to work on the basic appearance of the site. This is obviously the most important part of the web site design, so will take several days to perfect. Once I feel I'm getting near to a look which will reflect your business image, I'll get in touch with you to invite your opinion. Don't worry if you're not happy with it at this stage - just be completely honest with me and I'll either make the necessary changes or even start from scratch if required. 

If you don't already have a logo, then just leave it to me.

Ongoing Development 
Once we're both happy with the overall look, I can then go on to add in the individual pages as well as develop any software necessary for the site to function correctly. Images you've provided will then be adjusted and improved as required and added in appropriate places. After a while I'll again ask you to take a look and air your views. Once I've arrived at the finished product, the final thing to do is decide on what keyword phrases to use (something that I will have kept in mind throughout the design). 

Web Site Completion
Your site is now ready to be launched. At this point I will ask if there's any last thing you want to add (although we're happy to make any small changes up to several weeks later if required) before asking you to pay the remaining balance. Your site will then be submitted to the search engines and, provided this is the first time it's been submitted, we should start to see it appear in search results within 2-3 weeks. *If you've already previously submitted it, then it can take up to 8 weeks for the changes to register.

Order in confidence - I'm not happy until you are!